Who is Roop Singh?

Roop Singh – Professional Storyteller, Presenter and Public Speaker


After leaving school in 1976, I worked as an apprentice engineer. This is where I developed my passion for straight lines and all things that work… Even children!

In 1984, I found my calling in life and I became an Amritdhari (baptised) Sikh. It wasn’t long before I found myself visiting schools delivering presentations on the Sikh Religion.

Around 1988, I started working for Bradford Education as a Specialist RE Advisor; and after seven years I felt it was time for me to offer my services further afield. I then became a freelance Advisor on all matters related to Sikhs. As a result – Sikh Educational Advisory Services was born.

Since going freelance I have travelled all over the UK and the world delivering Sikh Awareness/Storytelling sessions to thousands of young people. Because I’m a firm believer that an experience is something that will live with you forever, all my sessions carry my ‘Firm, Fair and Fun’ philosophy… And it works!

I am available for free advice, or to book a workshop then please get in touch.

Roop Singh