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My career started when I had to deliver a workshop about the Sikh way of life to groups of preteens. I found the best way to keep their attention was to present the information in story format - beginning, middle and end - and it worked!

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"Roop Singh took our annual Sikh camp to the next level. Just when we thought we had reached the peak, his unique style of teaching took the entire event to the next leval."

"Extremely valuable! The children learnt a lot about story writing due to the superb delivery of his workshop. I have never heard such a great storyteller. "

"You're the best! You did an amazing and perfect job… We received such positive feedback at our story session and we can't wait to have you back. Great thanks again."

Aman S. Camp Co-ordinator
Christine S. Education Specialist
Steven C. IT Engineer



After leaving school in 1976, I worked as an apprentice engineer. This is where I developed my passion for straight lines and all things that work… Even children!

In 1984, I found my calling in life and I became an Amritdhari (baptised) Sikh. It wasn’t long before I found myself visiting schools delivering presentations on the Sikh Religion.

Around 1988, I started working for Bradford Education as a Specialist Advisor for Religious Education. After seven years, I felt it was time for me to offer my services further afield. I then became a freelance Advisor on all matters related to the Sikh diaspora. As a result, Sikh Educational Advisory Services was born.

Since going freelance, I have travelled all over the world delivering Sikh awareness and storytelling sessions to thousands of young people. Because I’m a firm believer that an experience is something that will live with you forever, all my sessions carry my ‘Firm, Fair and Fun’ philosophy... and it works!

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